Creation of
Allensworth State Historic Park

Allensworth State Historic Park represents the State of California showcasing contributions of African-Americans to the State. Prior to the bill in 1972 recognizing the need to create a monument, and the subsequent development of the park in 1976, Allensworth and it's development was unknown to the State, the Nation and literally the world. Many unsung heroes were responsible for taking a social stand to insure generations to come would know about pioneers starting out in 1908 to create a town where African-Americans could control their own destiny. Allensworth is known as California's first town governed, financed and operating by African-Americans.
The official booklets below set the framework for the intent of the area to be restored and the blueprint for future development of interpretation to the general public.

 Allensworth 1976
This is the official Development Plan - adopted in 1976

 Project 2008

This is the official booklet created in 1995 to update the 1976 Plan and
move the park into 2000 & beyond

Copy of CASHP Brochure

While the history is clear - many who visit Allensworth are confused about its origins or more importantly, its purpose.
Many contributed to the development of the core interpretation - which we know today, as Allensworth State Historic Park.
By now means does this mean all items are addressed or everyone is mentioned.

The park is small in context to the vast land known as Allensworth. Currently the State has literally run out of
room - even though 240 acres seemed more than enough to re-create life between 1908-1918.

As you learn more about Allensworth we encourage you to stop by frequently as updated information
will be provided to help shape your perspective about the importance of this history

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